How To Make Cool Paper Airplanes – Top 3 Designs 2020

There are the classic paper airplanes that everyone knows how to make and love, then there are cool paper airplanes that turn heads. In this post, I’ve put together my top 3 cool paper airplane picks for 2020 so far.

You’ll find a lot of how to make cool paper airplane tutorials online, but how many of them actually fly well? Luckily for you, my suggestions are throughly tested so each design not only looks amazing, it flies incredibly well too!

Without further ado…


The Home Run Boomerang Paper Airplane is my number one pick for cool paper airplanes for 2020 so far! When you’re tired of fetching paper airplanes that fly far, why not just stay in one place and throw a boomerang? I was throwing around a couple Home Run Boomerangs with my boys at a park and we ended up getting a huge audience asking about how to make them. We didn’t turn heads, we created a crowd!

Here are the step by step instructions for making the coolest paper airplane for 2020.


I discovered the Bat Wing Paper Airplane by accident. I was originally aiming to make a nice, long-distance glider with wider wings. The Bag Wing glides super well when thrown lightly. When you throw it harder, the wings starts to flap like a bat / bird.

This is definitely a cool paper airplane you should put on your “must make” list. Watching it fly never gets old. The Bat Wing flaps vigorously when you launch it and then glides smoothly.

Here are the step by step instructions for how to make the second coolest paper airplane for 2020.


My last pick for coolest paper airplanes for 2020 doesn’t do any tricks. Instead, I chose the F926 jet paper airplane because of its stunning design! What’s amazing about this cool paper airplane is that it looks just as good as it flies. There are a lot of jet paper airplane designs on the internet, unfortunately, most of them don’t fly well. The F926 is definitely the exception!

Just a quick tip, the F926 jet paper airplane flies better if you don’t raise the vertical stabilizer. Here are the step by step instructions for how to make this very cool jet paper airplane.