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Best Paper Airplane Designs

Welcome to Cool Paper Airplanes! If you like folding paper airplanes and would like to get involved in exciting contests, hands-on activities, and fun learning projects with paper airplanes, make sure to sign-up for our Paper Airplane Club. You can join by simply filling out the form above. You’ve just found the best paper airplane design resource on the internet! Take a break from whatever you’re doing right now, grab some printer paper, fold some paper airplanes and fly them around! You can start with the easy paper airplane step-by-step tutorials below.

Paper Airplane Learning Center

Learn all the right skills and techniques to make the best paper airplane in the world for speed and distance. Folding a paper airplane that flies is not hard, but folding one that flies far is a completely different story. It all starts with making a precise first fold. Folding the paper in half perfectly and using the right technique will help your paper aeroplane fly straight.

If you’re making a paper airplane for a contest, you probably won’t win even if it’s folded well. You’ll also need to tune it for optimal flying. For those wanting to create your own paper airplane design, you’ll need to dive into basic aerodynamics and discover why and how paper airplanes fly.

Fun Paper Airplane Activities

Have Fun With Paper Airplane Activities!

Folding a paper airplane and throwing it around is just a small part of what makes paper airplanes so intriguing for kids and adults alike. There are actually countless fun learning opportunities, activities, and contests you can conduct with paper airplanes. It’s cheap, easy to prepare, and super educational.