F926 Jet Paper Airplane For Distance Flying

I’ve been waning to add another jet paper airplane to the website for some time now, after hours of testing and trying new techniques, I’ve discovered the F926 Attacker paper plane! It looks awesome and it flies amazingly well. The only real downside of the F926 is that it is pretty hard to fold.

The F926 Attacker is what I call an “inverted” paper airplane. Instead of folding the wings down toward the fuselage, they are folded upwards away from the fuselage. You’ll need to watch the video to see what I’m talking about. Most inverted paper airplanes actually look pretty cool and resemble a jet.

I’m not going to provide the step by step instructions for this paper airplane as there lots of steps and some that are pretty tough to explain. It’s beyond my English explanation skills. The best way to learn how to fold this jet paper airplane is to watch the video. Just press the pause button after each step so you can catch up.

Difficulty Level: Medium/Hard.

Time: 7-8 minutes.

TIP #1: If you have not watch my video on how to make a perfect paper airplane fold, click on the link and watch it now. Make sure you use this technique every time you fold a paper airplane.

Tip #2: Toward the end of the video at 4:40, I folded the back fuselage inwards to make the middle stabilizer. While it makes the F926 look awesome, the plane actually flies better with this not folded.