Paper Airplane Folding 101

Make Any Paper Airplane Fly Far | Paper Folding 101

Watch this video and learn this basic folding technique before making another paper airplane. This is probably the best tip anyone can give you for folding paper airplanes that fly far. Wether you’re making a paper airplane for a school project or contest, pay attention to the video and follow the steps closely. Remember, practice makes perfect!

In the video, I show you how to fold a piece of paper in half the correct way. The technique works every time and your paper airplanes will turn out amazingly every single time.

To fold a piece of paper well, you need to be on a flat, hard surface. Next, roll the paper and match the edges and corners before making any creases. Again, do not make any creases!

Anchor the corners of the paper down with your pinky or ring finger as in the video. Now, use your thumb and brush down using a sweeping motion from the edge of the paper. Your first crease should be made in the middle. Finish the crease sweeping upwards and downwards from the middle. This is how you make a perfect paper airplane fold.

Here are the steps broken down for you:

  • STEP 1: Roll the paper and match the edges.
  • STEP 2: Match the corners and hold them down with your fingers.
  • STEP 3: Sweep down and make a crease in the middle.
  • STEP 4: Finish the crease from the middle.

If you’re trying to learn this folding technique by reading the article, I highly suggest watching the video instead so you can see the steps visually. Good luck and have lots of fun!