Home Run Boomerang Paper Airplane Glider

An easy to make boomerang paper airplane that actually flies back to you, BUT you need to know how to throw it correctly. This is actually the case with all boomerang paper airplanes, you need to throw it sideways or at an angle. Watch the introduction to the video above and pay close attention to how I throw it. Once you figure out how to throw it, the Home Run comes back to you every single time!

When you’re done folding the Home Run Boomerang, play around with the wings and side stabilizers to see if you can make the paper airplane fly in different sized circles. How many consecutive circles can you do?

Take a video and share with all of us here!

Difficulty Level: Easy.

Time: 2-3 minutes.

TIP: If you have not watch my video on how to make a perfect paper airplane fold, click on the link and watch it now. Make sure you use this technique every time you fold a paper airplane.

Step 1: Fold the paper in half lengthwise and then open it up.
Step 2: Fold the corners and align to the center line.
Step 3: Fold the nose of the paper airplane along the center line, leave around 4-5 cm between the nose and the edge of the paper.
Step 4: Fold the corners and align to the center line.
Step 5: Fold the nose up along the center line (approx. 1 cm).
Step 6: Fold the tab down along the center line.
Step 7: Fold the paper airplane in half and prepare to fold the wings.
Step 8: Fold the wings, pay very close attention to the angle it is folded at.
Step 9: Fold the stabilizers, these should be approximately .5-1cm. These are not parallel to the fuselage, they are slightly slanted (becomes more narrow toward the back of the paper airplane).
Step 10: Make small upward pinches to the end of the wings.
Step 11: Add some tape to the nose of the Home Run Boomerang.
Step 12: Inspect the boomerang paper airplane, it should look similar to the picture above. Before throwing it, make sure you understand how to throw it correctly. You need to throw it sideways or at an angle or it WILL NOT COME BACK!